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a. Country – b1. We’ll Decide – b2. Everybody Knows (Renegades Of Jazz remix)

RELEASE DATE: 8th August 2011

‘Country’ is the new single from Tom Eno and follows a string of releases and remixes for artists including The Seal Cub Clubbing Club, Renegades of Jazz, Mr Confuse and Cookshop Records.

The track was written last summer whilst rehearsing in a barn in deepest Hampshire, and is the first track from the new second long player ‘Jackknife’, featuring Mr James Bright solely on vocals, Will Benger on drums and Teej Osborne on upright bass.



Tom Eno

Jack To Phono Records


Latin guitars & trip hop pop beats; it’s another exquisite album from the lads at Jack to Phono Records that is sure to leave you salivating.

On his MySpace page, Winchester native Tom Eno dared compare his music to Beck, but “with a thousand more influences than he already has…” and in some respects that is exactly what Eno’s music is. Presenting their sixth album to be released under Jack to Phono Records, “Barnstormer” is a sumptuous debut that mixes world influences, Latin guitars & trip hop pop with an evanescent beauty.

Oscillating between an endearing fragility and a surprising strength, Barnstormer sets itself up to be an exhilarating listen. Opening with Tijuana, you’re instantly introduced to Eno’s world of down tempo jazz come vintage Espana. Luring you in and never wanting to let go, it’s a truly inspired endeavour from this guitar wielding maestro. With stand out tracks like ‘Two Guitars’, ‘Estrella’ and ‘Sit Back’ featuring James Bright on this album, you get not one but eleven strong tracks ready at hand to continue your journey into a siesta like state with resounding beauty and adventure.

Michael Ajayi